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5 Common Tree Pruning Mistakes Homeowners Make in York PA

Tree pruning service is not the most difficult task on this planet, however, if something does go wrong, even the slightest mistake can tick your garden appearance off. You could be left with a hideous looking garden with weirdly shaped and pruned trees in it. Gardens and your plants and trees are known to enhance the appearance of your home in many ways, and can make your home look aesthetically pleasing. However, tree pruning done wrong can deteriorate your home exterior image and appearance. Therefore, it is advised that you always opt for professional tree pruning services. Here are five mistakes you, as a homeowner could make, regarding your tree pruning

Tree Pruning Mistakes

●You should try and minimize the clipping of your tree branched. Not all trees require this, and if you, as a rookie, are trying to create shapes on your own, it is going to cost you a lot many troubles in the long run. Without pruning the tree, if you are just trying to clip it, you are welcoming a fuller and a bushier tree. If you clip one tip, you are giving space to five more tips to grow in its place, and therefore, pruning and clipping must never be involved together.

●Many homeowners often make a rookie mistake of cutting the top of the tree off. Removing the top part of one’s tree can cause various problems when it comes to the replacement of the same. In fact, similar problems can also arise, like the one stated above. The tree could give rise to the growth of many other new branches, which is going to make your home appearance hideous.

●You could even cut the tree at the wrong spot because of being not professional enough in the task. The shoots that you cut off can cause an unhealthy behavior in your trees and garden. A typical branch of your tree has a collar, also known to be an elevated part or a bump of your tree trunk. It is made up of cells which help the tree heal itself after we cut the branches off. If you mistakenly cut this part off, you are going to lead to a major damage to your tree because of which it would not be able to heal itself.

●There are many people who could be over pruning their trees, either by themselves, or through hired services. It is recommended that you only remove about 15-20% of the tree trunk at a time, and it should be preferred that you choose a lower percentage for the same. If you prune your tree too much, you could restrict the ability of your tree’s’ natural growth. The growth of your tree could be stunted because of this.

●There are chances that trees could be pruned by you at the wrong time of the year. You might have the urge to cut certain parts of your tree during the summer season, or even the spring season. However, experts say that this time is actually the worst time to prune your trees. There are various growth which are good for your trees, however, cutting these parts can cause permanent loss of tree fertility. It would also cause brown stub formation which can make the appearance of your tree aesthetically displeasing.

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