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5 Ways to Get the Best Physiotherapy in Edmonton at an Affordable Price


How do you find the best physiotherapy in Edmonton at an affordable price? Price can be a consideration but shouldn’t be the only one. Many physiotherapists in Edmonton are excellent, but that doesn’t mean they’re right for you and your needs. Each person has unique needs and finding the right physiotherapist requires you consider several factors.

#1—1-on-1 Physiotherapy Care Model

Look for a physiotherapy clinic offering 1-on-1 care with a registered physiotherapist. Some clinics try to save on costs by reducing the physiotherapy each patient receives. Some double-book physiotherapists so they’re running between two patients at a time while others use support staff to offer care instead of the physiotherapist.

Having 1-on-1 visits with your physiotherapist can speed up rehabilitation time and might give you better results. However, if cost is more important, a diluted-care model that double-books or uses support staff and charges reduce fees can save you money.

#2—Exercise Therapy

Choose a physiotherapist who advocates exercise therapy at home in between treatments. A personalized exercise program will help speed up your rehabilitation and can result in the most effective treatment possible.

Exercising correctly at home empowers you to take ownership of your own rehabilitation. You get the tools you need to build a solid rehabilitation program that becomes a partnership between you and your physiotherapist.

#3—Proper Ability

Research physiotherapy clinics to find one that specializes in your condition. You wouldn’t take your Chrysler vehicle to a European repair shop. In the same vein, choosing a physiotherapist who has taken extra courses in your particular condition can offer you better care in the long run.

Increase your chances of a better outcome by finding a physiotherapist with extra certification in your specific area of need.


Convenience means not only finding a physiotherapy clinic near your home or work but one that offers the hours you need. How well you respond to physiotherapy depends on how well you stick to your program. Finding a convenient clinic can make or break your rehabilitation efforts.

#5—Patient Reviews

Testimonials on a physiotherapy clinic’s website can be easy to come by. It’s easy to get satisfied customers to give a positive testimonial that looks impressive on a website. You should also view reviews on third party websites skeptically, too.

What you’re looking for are similar reviews addressing problems encountered by patients. Identifying a pattern of particular problems will help you stay away from clinics that may not have the best practices.


Finding the best physiotherapist in Edmonton at the best price is a relative activity. What is best for you may not be best for someone else. And what price works best for one person may not meet the budget of the next.

You can only decide what is best for you, your specific rehabilitation needs, and your budget. Review the above suggestions before you select a physiotherapist and clinic.

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