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Best Cleaver Blade Pocket Knives

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What is a Cleaver Blade Pocket Knife?

 When it comes to pocket knives, a cleaver blade pocket knife offers good value.

There are many kinds of pocket knives. They all fold up, often have different blades and tools, and the compact size allows you to easily carry them in your pocket or backpack.

Cleaver blades differ from other types. The cleaver blade offers a larger cutting surface and a snub-nosed tip while many other blades are slimmer and pointed.

Cleaver blades are stronger and more durable than other blades.

Why Cleaver Blade Pocket Knives?

 A cleaver blade pocket knife offers owners many advantages. These blades make great defensive weapons. The design alone makes this style blade very intimidating.

Cleaver blades make useful tools for camping. Cutting wood, meat, or rope, these blades can withstand tough use without losing its edge.

Why is a Cleaver-Style Knife Good for Everyday Carry?

Like the reliable kitchen cleaver, these knives excel at cutting, slicing, and chopping. Compared to a thin utility knife, cleaver-style blades are more solidly built.

The size can help you tackle larger tasks, but they still fit in your pocket.

And because they tend to lack a pronounced point, these blades don’t attract a lot of attention if you have to deploy it in public.

Why Carry a Pocket Knife?

There have been a lot of articles written about concealed carry weapons. Most have focused on handguns. Granted, pocket knives—even ones as practical as cleaver blades—may not seem as dangerous as a handgun.

However, if you find yourself in a dangerous situation, that pocket knife may fend off or slow down your attacker.

Beyond Self-Defense

You can use a cleaver blade for lots of other purposes:

  • With their variety of blades, pocket knives can make short work of opening boxes and envelopes.
  • Most people would never go camping without a knife. Among the many other uses, a pocket knife can shave kindling, roast hot dogs, or even open cans. A knife comes in handy if you want to peel fruit or vegetables also.
  • A fisherman without a pocket knife is lost. That knife will cut fishing line, remove hooks and even as a bottle opener.
  • A knife has a lot of first-aid uses too. Your pocket knife can tear bandages to fashion tourniquets.


If you are searching for a good reliable knife at a reasonable price from the comfort of your home, consider options to buy a cleaver blade pocket knife online.

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