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Can Natural Products Really Lengthen and Thicken Erections?

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A couple years back, I heard a song by Toby Keith called As Good as I Once Was. There is one verse that really sticks with me:

“If you need some love tonight,
Then I might have just enough,
I ain’t as good once was,
But I’m as good once, as I ever was (Toby Keith, 2005)”

After 15 years of marriage and five kids, my wife and I definitely know how things work. Yet, nature does something unfair to men and women. As I approach 40, my sexual drive is tapering off just as my wife is starting to peak. My desire is definitely there, but much like Toby Keith points out, I’m only as good once as I ever was.

Hormones and Erections

I do not have erectile dysfunction. What I experience is that while my wife desires an encounter every night, my member is not as motivated the second night. To be blunt, I still get hard, it’s just not as full or long. This means we spend a great deal more time helping her out than we do taking care of what I want.

This is normal for men as they grow older. I’m a healthy guy, I go to the gym, I eat well, and I don’t have any major psychological disorders. Older men just experience something called andropause, a natural decline in testosterone. There are varying degrees of this condition, and for some it requires medical attention.

Natural male enhancement ingredients

As I said, go to the gym regularly. My work out buddies keep telling me that I needed to get my testosterone levels checked and consider doing hormone replacement therapy (HRT) so that I can get “swole” faster.

I’m not a fan of HRT as it comes with some side effects and could cause my body to produce less natural testosterone on its own. So I did some research on natural ingredients.

Fully disclosure, my wife sells essential oils, and the solutions I first tried were of the essential oil variety. We talked about some of the natural male enhancement ingredients found in various oils and created a mixture that was effective. These include oils derived from trees such as cedar wood, blue spruce, and frankincense. Also a flower oil known as golden rod.

Herbal Supplements

It worked great, but my issue with essential oils is that oils are expensive and there isn’t a lot of availability for pesticide free alternatives. I turned my research natural ingredients with herbal supplements that are effective in increasing blood flow, stamina, and testosterone. As you might guess, these benefits allow me to have a fuller and longer erection. Here are a list of some natural male enhancement ingredients I found:

  • Feugreek
  • Tongkat Ali
  • Avena sativa
  • Panax ginseng
  • Tribulus terrestris
  • Rhodiola rosea

These are just a few of the natural ingredients I’ve come across. Individually, these can be costly and are hard to come find. My experience is to find a trusted brand which includes as many of these natural ingredients as possible. I suggest to anyone looking to increase sexual performance or athletic prowess is to do your research. Does it work? In my experience herbal supplements are a game changer.

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