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Cantilever Racks: Advantages and Disadvantages

Cantilever Racks:

Storage of bulky, long, and thin industrial materials in a warehouse or stores can prove a challenge, especially when you want to optimize your space for maximum efficiency and productivity. But don’t fret as there are several available options when it comes to storing materials especially for commercial use, such as long and thin metals, plywood, pipes, timber among others.

While stacking them on the floor can be an option, it consumes a lot of productive space and wastes the upper space which can also be put to productive use. A more efficient storage option to consider is the use of heavy duty cantilever racks, which are meant to optimize space.

Heavy duty cantilever racks for sale can easily be accessed online, directly from warehouses or you can order them from storage equipment distributors at competitive costs where you can also receive face to face advice.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using cantilever racks?


  1. Cantilever racks are easy to store and configure: Cantilever racks are designed in a way that you can easily adjust their arms and length, creating enough space to store a variety of loads, from long, to thin or any heavy materials. Unlike ordinary shelves, with cantilever racks, you can also increase your storage space by purchasing additional arms depending on storage length and height you want.
  2. Easy access and flexibility. The whole design of cantilever racks and their easy configuration increases space productivity for your warehouse staff because they make the material easily accessible. The rack design makes it easy to organize and find materials with more ease, saving your warehouse time and energy.


  1. A key disadvantage of Cantilever racks is they can be more expensive in comparison to traditional storage racks.
  2. No pallet storage. Cantilever racks cannot store pallets, but other than that, their use can dramatically increase your productivity, as they make use of space more efficiently, making it easier to store commercial materials and keeping your hardware organised.

With adjustable arms and open space, Cantilever racks offer lots of benefits that will increase space productivity. Whether you are storing long pipes, thin pipes, metals, plywood or trusses, any loads can be stacked and organised creating, more room and work space for maximum efficiency.

Where can I buy heavy duty cantilever racks?

If you are looking for Heavy duty Cantilever racks for sale, they can be accessed from several online stores, hardware stores, warehouses or by ordering directly from storage equipment distributors at affordable costs.

Pipes, metals, and timber can be hard to store and can consume a lot of productive space, but with heavy duty cantilever racks, you will be able to increase your productivity, create more space and a more organized working space.

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