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Dental Implant Timeline: What to Expect

If you’re missing a tooth, whether it’s as a result of trauma or simply a necessary extraction, the most permanent solution is to fit a dental implant. This titanium device inserts directly into the jaw, fusing with the underlying bone in a similar way to the roots of your natural teeth.

Dental implant services are potentially an ideal approach for achieving replacement teeth which look and feel natural.

The full process of fitting a dental implant can take some time. Below are the exact steps involved in fitting an implant and what you can expect at each stage of the process. Note that many practices increasingly offer same-day dental implant services. Same-day dental implants are slightly different and only suitable for certain patients but can offer the same long-lasting benefits in many cases.

Dental implant services


Typically, you will start thinking about replacing your tooth soon after loss or extraction. The first step is always to have a consultation with your dentist. During this consultation, your dentist is likely to take an x-ray of your mouth, as well as impressions of your teeth which can be used when creating a prosthetic.

You will also receive information regarding the rest of the process and possible supporting treatments, such as a bone graft, if necessary.

Additional Treatments

In some cases, implant consultations can take place before an extraction, in which case your dentist will need to perform the extraction next. Additional treatments, such as bone grafting or sinus lifts, can help to improve patients suitability for an implant by reinforcing the jaw, into which the implant will sit.

Placement of the Implant

At the next scheduled appointment, your dentist will then place the implant, which looks a bit like a metal screw, directly into your jaw. During the insertion, you will be completely unconscious, under general anesthetic. This implant will form the base for any prosthetics that sit on top afterward.

Once inserted, it may take around half a year or a more to heal, depending on exact circumstances. Dental implant services in Farmington Hills, MI offer Michigan residents typically excellent practice when restoring a missing tooth. While healing, you may choose to receive a temporary crown to cover up the screw, especially if it is over a highly visible tooth.

Placement of the Cap

Once healed, the dentist will then fit an abutment, which serves as the base for your prosthetic tooth. A shorter healing process will follow this procedure, and a technician will begin creating your crown or bridge.

In order to permanently cap off the implant, and create a natural looking and feeling smile, your dentist will then fit a cap, in the form of either a bridge, crown or denture. Using either porcelain or acrylic, these custom-made devices should quickly form a natural part of your bite and don’t take long to get used to. In addition, since the implant transfers force directly to the bone, just like your original teeth, they won’t put a strain on your gums while biting.

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