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Do I Need a Lawyer for a Workers Compensation Hearing?

Injuries in the workplace are fairly common, even when measures are taken to ensure the safety of workers; accidents are unpredictable and unavoidable. Taking time off work can be costly and stressful, so seeking compensation is important to minimize the loss you incur from being away from your job and ensure you will receive the right benefits and assistance going forward.

Hiring a lawyer to assist with workers compensation services will be the best decision you make when you are undergoing a hearing for your case. It might not be a cheap investment, but the legal system can be convoluted and a lawyer could save you time and money in the long run. There are a number of steps and processes to undergo and it is important that everything is done correctly and submitted on time.

workers compensation services

What a lawyer can do for you

Before the hearing even starts, the lawyer will be able to start researching what benefits you are entitled to, if at all. This saves you time and the stress of having to go through the legal system alone. There are several different types of benefits and it is important that they apply for the ones that best fit your case, which might be difficult to discern on your own.

When you need time of work for an injury, there are a lot of costs involved in addition to the money you lose when you are not working, such as medical expenses. A lawyer will help you reclaim these lost funds at your hearing, and ensure that you receive the right benefits and compensation, some of which you might not even be aware of.

There are a number of documents that a lawyer will be able to obtain and fill out for you, to make the process smoother and avoid any mistakes that could either delay the process or stop you from receiving any benefits all together. A lawyer who specializes in workers compensation services will be responsible for doing any background research surrounding your case, making sure all processes are followed correctly and all relevant forms and evidence are accurate.

Michigan Workers Compensation Services

One resource that can help you understand more about the whole process is the Michigan Workers Compensation Services. On their website you’ll find an abundance of information regarding the law surrounding compensation claims and other resources such as health care services, insurance advice and information for employers. There is also information about getting back to work and the responsibilities of you as an employee and your employer. This, along with a good lawyer, will help you put forward your best case at the hearing.

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