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Email Campaigns with Impact

Email Campaigns

How do you go from spam to subscribe or from delete to action? Prospects are a fickle bunch, but they just want what you do when you open your own inbox: relevant content presented in an engaging way. An easy route from open to action doesn’t hurt either.Revamping your email strategy might even be fun. Yes, it’s an undertaking, but you can get help from a reputable email campaign service in Toronto or wherever you do business.

What’s working:

Images: Recipients respond more to images than text and absorb a greater amount of the intended message – up to 65% three days later as opposed to only 10% retention from text.

They’re also more likely to share your message, especially via Twitter with up to 150% of shared tweets including images. If your emails include social media buttons (as they should) you’ll have a greater chance of extending that message to more prospects if you include relevant images.

Bonus tip – add fun or clever copy as the Alt text on images. Rather than a generic “image x5130”, copy that supports your email or says why the picture should be clicked keeps you from losing those people for whom the image didn’t load. If the Alt text makes the point and is hyperlinked, those recipients still have the opportunity to take action.

Gifs are great: In fact, they produce 72% higher click through rates. Slower load times and non-supportive clients are a thing of the past so there’s no reason not to take advantage of this tool. Make your gifs relevant by using them to feature how your product or service works.

Use Inverted Pyramid: The beginning of your email should give the pertinent information that can be digested in under 5 seconds followed by a clear call to action. Give the extra details to those that want more info that invest in reading further.

Go beyond the standard reply: Transactional emails are followed by a standard automatic confirmation. Yes, the customer expects it, but why not use that opportunity to add value and further the relationship? For example, if you sold the customer a bag of carrot seeds, the follow-up email might have a short message of thanks followed by something of interest like a recipe for a carrot based dish. Not only have you given the customer something related to their interest, you’ve given them something shareable as well.

Prompt further action: Similarly, you can follow a CTA with a further prompt to action. An email the next day can help the prospect make the next step. Say a prospect responded to a CTA for a free web design estimate. The web designer could follow up with a prompt the next day for the customer to review his portfolio for idea inspiration for the company’s own website.

Be helpful: Another angle on the same idea is to become useful to the recipient. Make your product or service more attractive by pairing it with helpful information or another product or service. Maybe an online pizza order for carry out might be followed up with a current traffic report in the area of the pizza joint or a veterinarian might include a map of local dog parks after booking a first-time appointment for a new puppy.

Fuse subject and preview: Have your preview line answer or enhance your subject line. While you’re at it, make it clever if you can.

Be authentic and transparent: Recipients respond to email that is relevant and truthful. Studies show that when people unsubscribe 69% of them do so because they received too many emails and 41% because the content was irrelevant.

Consumer focus is honed in on transparency so it’s not a good time play subject line tricks or give them CTA buttons that lead them through a maze of further sales tactics. Hit them with truth and they’ll stick around.
Get help:

To be sure that you get the most out of these tips and your own email campaign ideas, partner with a proven results email campaign company in Chicago, New York, or any of the other many cities in the Credibase listings. Search for email marketing services that know your industry’s consumers.

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