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How to Access Human Brain Tissue in Your Research?

How to Access Human Brain TissueThe complexity of the brain means that the process of attempting to cure diseases and ailments affecting the brain can be similarly complex and will require a significant amount of study and research. It will, therefore, be essential to be able to take advantage of the right tissue procurement process to obtain the required brain tissue.

To get the right tissue microarray for your research, you need to understanding how to gain access to it in the first place.

Find the Right Biorepository

Some biorepositories may only provide certain types of human tissue samples, so it will be necessary to seek out one that includes brain tissue amongst its human tissue samples, if not a dedicated biorepository.

Consider the biobanks that you might have used for previous research – even if this might have been to obtain other types of human tissue samples – to determine whether they can also supply brain tissue.

Benefits of a Biorepository

Make use of a biobank and the ffpe tissue and ffpe blocks that they can provide when seeking human brain tissue.

Take advantage of the expertise of the biobank even if they do not supply brain tissue as they may be able to provide contact details of a suitable facility.

Know What You Want to Achieve

It is prudent to be in a position to be able to inform the biobank of your complete requirements. Rather than only having a generalized picture of what you intend to do, you should have a clear idea of the result that you are hoping for and what you require to achieve this. This will give you the best opportunity to get the right brain tissue for your needs.

Know the number of samples that you will require beforehand to ensure that the biorepository will be able to meet your needs and complete further tissue procurement, if necessary.

If your research involves studying the function of the brain, you must take into account that this will be difficult with a cadaver brain.

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