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Overview of the Best Folding Hunting Knives

Folding Hunting Knives

When you’re out on the trail and tracking, you need a knife to perform a variety of functions. That might be skinning, cutting rope or preparing shavings to start a fire.

Whatever you ask of your equipment, you need to make sure it works when it counts, so here are a few things to check when browsing folding hunting knives for sale, along with our top picks.

  • Fast action – Although you might not think so, a fast action draw can be very useful in a hunting environment. You might need to use your knife on multiple occasions during a hunt, so the last thing you need is a slow flipper wasting your time and killing precious moments out in the wild.
  • Camouflage – You don’t want a knife reflecting sunlight into the eyes of an animal and drawing attention to yourself. The chances are that you take care to avoid detection from animals so don’t let your knife give you away.
  • Authenticity – Ritual is a big part of the hunt for most people. Function and edge retention are critical, of course, but who’s to say they need to come at the cost of a nostalgic hunting aesthetic. Pick a knife that gives you an authentic hunting-trip feeling when you’re out hunting this season.

Best Overall – OG-219R Rapid Fire Ranger

Starting with a bang, the OG-219R Rapid Fire Ranger is doubtlessly one of the best folding hunting knives for sale and our top pick for hunters everywhere. Aus-8 steel has proven itself, time and again, to balance great edge-retention with superb corrosion resistance. Keeping the rust at bay is critical when you might be out on the trail in all weather conditions.

The non-reflective coating is ideal for keeping a low profile in the forest, and the quickdraw will serve you flawlessly every time you need your knife on a hunt.

Best Budget – Buck Knives 0110BRS 110 Famous Folding Hunter Knife

There’s nothing wrong with this authentically-styled folder from Buck Knives. It’s almost a cartoon of how you’d imagine a hunting knife to look. Perhaps it doesn’t have the slickest draw action, and its shiny surface isn’t the most subtle way to blend into the foliage, but you’ll feel part of America’s proud hunting tradition with the 110 Famous.

Best Compact – OG-170 Fat Boy

The last thing you need for a long hunting trip is an overbuilt piece, weighing you down when it’s not necessary. Despite its fun name, the Fat Boy is actually a compact knife that packs a punch and feels meaty in your hand, without weighing you down or taking up your whole pocket.

It has smart features like safe button lock release, makes use of manual folding and has a reliable deep pocket carry clip. Save space with this smart choice from a great American company.

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