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Spotlight on JL Audio Marine Speakers

JL Audio Marine Speakers

Quality music can really enhance a day out on the water, but with so many audio options to choose from it’s difficult to make a choice. To help you get up to speed with the latest advancements in the marine audio industry, here is our spotlight on JL Audio marine speakers.

The M-Series and the MX-series

JL Audio marine speakers are available in two types: The M-Series and the MX Series. Contrary to what you might think, the M type is the highest performing of the two, with the MX being the perfect choice for those simply wanting an upgrade from their standard audio speakers. Let’s look at how they differ:


The M-Series is perfect for boaters looking for either a speaker and subwoofer system or a traditional speaker set. They are available in 3 sizes: 8.8-inch diameter, 7.7-inch diameter, and 6.5-inch diameter – all with different benefits. If you’re looking for the largest sound output, the 8.8-inch option is the choice for you. The smaller option is designed to be a narrower fit, allowing you to install it in smaller places where standard 6.5-inch speakers won’t go.


The MX-Series comes with two options in 7.7-inches or 6.5-inches. The 6.5-inch classic wide style is the perfect option for boaters without space issues, and it will perfectly slot into an existing space.

However, the JL Marine 7.7-inch speakers provide a larger sound output, due to the greater size offering a larger cone area. If you’re looking for a standard upgrade with excellent output – this is the choice for you.

Quality constructed pieces

Regardless of the option you choose, you can be sure each piece will be well-crafted and tested to withstand all environmental pressures. JL Audio marine speakers take anti-corrosion to the next level with significant testing of all the parts – including internal components. This guarantees you won’t have any unwanted corrosion or degradation that affects some other similarly priced models.

Functional regardless of speed

Whether you’re out hitting the waves or sitting at the dock, the JL Audio marine speakers are designed to provide audio consistency. You won’t experience distortion when you hit high speeds or rough seas.

American made innovation

All JL Audio’s speakers are built right here in America. You can trust that they will be built with the precision, quality, and care that you’ve come to expect.

Extensive additional options

With such an amazing range of options, you are sure to find something that perfectly meets your boating needs. Be sure to check out their sub woofers, amplifiers, and source units to really create the perfect marine audio package.

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