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Ten Tips for Buying a Vertical Form-Fill-Seal Machine

Vertical Form-Fill-Seal MachinePackaging industry is undergoing a major development with the rise of innovative technologies in the area. However, the problem arises in choosing one amongst the seemingly not so different creative machines. The latest models of Vertical Form-Fill-Seal machine makes it possible to run multiple bag sizes and styles, and various film structures on the same machine.

Here’s what you should check before buying a new VFSS machine:

Brand Image

Unlike how it is understood nowadays, it is not just a perceived image that a company creates. If studied carefully, the identity of the brand gives you insights about whether or not it is capable of doing justice to making machinery that not only demands science, but also art.

Features Friendly to Your Requirement

Having a hundred features is not necessary for a machine to be efficient. Though more features make the machine appealing, keep your focus on the features that will be used by you.

Easy to Use

Complex machinery is the last thing a worker wants to deal with. The easier the machine is to use, the more it will be utilized upto its optimum potential. The machines used for packaging especially require to be robust and easy to use because that operations on them are for bulk products.

Intelligently Attached Parts

The removable parts of the machine should be intelligently attached so as to not hamper the speed of the process when they require to be removed or reattached. For example- the sealing jaws and film rolls should not be complex to changeover.

Tool Less Changeover

Tool less changeover not only speeds up the process but also minimizes the chances of accidents during the operation. The machine should offer a design to enable organized and simple changeovers of forming tubes and film rolls.


The machine should have a well placed structure to be cleaned properly. Prefer open frame machines in this context. They offer more intrinsic sanitation and hence a better result for the customer.

Flexibility in Fillers

Pay attention to the software installed for various fillers by the manufacturer. Having scope to use the machine with fillers of different companies makes the machines only more efficient. During the life of one form-fill-seal machine there may be two, three, four, or more fillers attached to the machine because of changing product mixes.

Cost Efficiency

Make sure that the price you’re paying for the machine is worth it, but don’t let yourself compromise hp customer support with the quality for the temptation of reduced cost. Sometimes the manufacturers reduce the base fair by not keeping web guide control, registration capacity, and stainless steel construction inclusive of it. Make sure you check that before you choose the product.

Film Suppliers

Film plays a major in the process of packaging and therefore it is important to make sure that the film suppliers that the machine manufacturer is associated with or recommends for his machines offer a good quality.

Be Flexible

It is important to be open to alternative. Sometimes, only wanting a specific size, width or shape of the packaging makes the customer overlook the brilliant features that the machine has to offer.

Keeping these things in mind, buying the right VFFS machine for your company will become a lot easier.

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