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The Many Industrial Application Benefits of Thermoformed Plastic Trays

PFI FactoryOver 760 million pounds of plastic was used in the global thermoforming fabrication industry in 2016. The industry-wide demand for thermoforming plastic fabrication is estimated to increase appreciably in the coming years. Thermoformed plastic is a budget-conscious industry replacement for the metal forms and molds that were previously used.

One widespread benefit of the thermoforming fabrication process is the thermoformed plastic tray. The thermoformed plastic tray has numerous industrial applications that are cost-saving, worksite hygienic, design beneficial, and product protective.

Cost Effectiveness

Thermoformed plastic trays are much lighter and durable than their metal, wood, or glass counterparts. It is very affordable to ship fragile items or equipment in light, damage resistant thermoformed plastic trays.


It is also more budget-conscious to melt, recycle, and reform disposable, industrial grade thermoformed plastic trays for use in other manufacturing processes. They are extremely durable. Thermoformed plastic trays are highly resistant to impact and abrasion damage. They are resistant to, and don’t easily conduct, extremes of hot and cold temperatures.

Convenience of Use

Reusable, disposable thermoformed plastic trays can contain and shuttle oily, dirty, or chemically exposed tools and equipment. They are used in bakeries for quicker and more efficient baking. Colorful, thermoformed plastic trays are used to transport and aesthetically present food products in supermarkets, restaurants, and stores.

Billions of people use thermoformed plastic trays to put their belongings into when they enter airport security checkpoints. The automotive parts and repair industry depends on thermoformed plastic trays to contain tools, parts, and toxic substances.

Lightweight thermoformed trays make life very convenient, safe, expedient, and aesthetically pleasing for industry workers and consumers all over the world. It would take more time to get anything accomplished in modern business and industry without them.

Ease of Cleanup

Such usage of thermoformed plastic trays, in many different strata of industry, requires frequent or occasional cleaning. Thermoform plastic trays are resistant to bacteria and odor contamination. As opposed to materials like metal, glass, or wood, there is no worry of chipping or particulate contamination during use or cleaning. They are also less time-consuming and easier to clean.


Thermoformed plastic trays are used for protective purposes in many industries. They are used as drip trays by workers contending with dangerous, corrosive chemicals. The medical industry uses disposable, thermoformed plastic trays for numerous uses.

Technology and electronics industries use thermoformed plastic trays in most manufacturing processes. They protect workers and sensitive equipment from electrostatic discharges (ESD).

Industry Standard

As industries further increase their innovation and production efficiency processes, the uses for thermoformed plastic trays will only increase. There will always be a practical need for containment, shipping, protection, and convenience that thermoformed plastic trays can offer industry.

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