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The Top 5 Keychain Carabiners

To most people, a keychain carabiner is nothing more than an easy and convenient way to keep their keys in one place. It’s no secret that not all carabiners are created equal, however, and a keychain carabiner/bottle opener is only the beginning.

Below we’re looking at keychain carabiners that may not have the essential bottle opener, but a few extras that will make you happy to have them as an EDC.

1.Leatherman Carabiner Keychain

The company that brought the world the best folding tool around has made a simple, classy looking stainless steel carabiner. With a bottle opener opposite the gate, it also sports a hex driver slot as well. A sturdy first offering to the list.

2.Iron and Glory Deluxe Carabiner Keychain

Containing a knife, saw, and LED light, this carabiner has you kitted out with backup essentials that won’t fill your pockets. The tools mentioned fold away into the frame of the carabiner, safely and comfortably out of the way until you need them. The frame and tools are made from corrosion resistant stainless steel.

3.Keybiner Carabiner Keychain

The Keybiner triples down on the Leatherman, with a bottle opener, hex drive, and screwdriver. It also holds and organizes your keys in the frame, rather than hanging from your belt. Conveniently designed with no sharp edges, the Keybiner is a brilliant little multi-tool that’s easy to hand and doesn’t take up any much-needed space.

4.TI2 Halo Keychain Carabiner

Presumably named after the game, the Halo has its functioning parts so well incorporated into the carabiner that it all appears as one impressive design. There is a hex drive, the tapered bottom edge is a pry bar and screwdriver, and the gate is also a bottle opener. The Halo is also available in a variety of materials, such as bronze, copper, stainless steel, titanium, and zirconium.

5.Tactical Spinner Keychain Carabiner

Made from AUS-4 stainless steel, this is the first on the list with a double-gated construction. This way, you can permanently keep your keys on one link, and never worry about losing them when you remove the carabiner. The Spinner has a bottle opener and wrench, but one unique feature is that it is a well-balanced stress relief spinner. You’ll never be bored again with this hanging on your belt.

Designed for form and function, carabiners are a great way to never forget your keys again. The hex drives, pry bars, and bottle openers may be just the reasons you need to pick one up. Whether you need a convenient way to hold your keys, or you’d like all the extras, there’s a keychain carabiner/bottle opener for sale to suit your needs.

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