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What Are The Pros And Cons Of Auto Glass Tinting in Flagstaff, AZ?

Auto Glass TintingThe hot temperatures of Arizona won’t spare your vehicle and the passengers riding in it until you do something about it. Climbing into a car or truck that has spent hours on the sun is never fun. Even when the vehicle is moving, it still receives a significant amount of heat exposure during the hot weather which can make you and the passengers very uncomfortable. Thankfully, one of the pros of getting auto glass tinting is that it reduces this heat, and thus you can drive with the peace of mind that you really deserve.

The pros

a) Tinted glass prevents UV rays from damaging the interior of your vehicle

Modern cars have AC systems. But don’t be fooled to believe that your vehicle’s AC system will work as effective under extreme hot temperatures of the summer days. Also, using your vehicle’s AC system on a frequent basis will increase your gas consumption by a significant percentage. This means that your efforts to make your driving Eco-friendly will be thwarted at the expense of trying to ward off excess heat inside the car.

b) The coolness factor

Young drivers love the cool image that tinted windows give to their rides. And for sure, tinted windows make vehicles look good. Many car owners simply prefer it because of the style factor. What’s more, even a cheap car will look like a luxury ride when windows are tinted. That’s the idea.

c) Tinting of glass deters criminals

When windows are black, the person outside the vehicle won’t see the inside of your car, and that means that your personal items will generally be safe when left behind. Tinting often deters petty thieves who are always looking to make quick grabs from cars whose owners are not within the vicinity. Also, if something can’t be seen, there is generally little to no motivation of trying to break in to find out what is lying inside.

d) Low temperature

The level of temperature savings that you will get is directly proportional to the degree of the tint. If you live in a warm state like Arizona, rest assured that you will feel the difference when you climb into your car after parking it for long hours in the sun.

And now the cons

Some counties or cities don’t permit auto glass tinting, and this is proving to be a major challenge. In some cases, they will allow it but will insist on a certain percentage of darkness in a vehicle. The United States has a law which requires that private vehicles should have 20% tint while their commercial counterparts should have up to 30% tint. These laws can be restrictive if you want more freedom in tinting your private car, callĀ customer service number.

Secondly, with a tinted car, you will automatically get more attention from the police who get curious when they can’t see the inside of your car. Police will pull you over each time they get curious. And of course the material used for the tint will peel off over time. This will force you to have your windows reworked. Otherwise, auto glass tinting in Arizona will have far significant advantages than disadvantages.

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