Saturday, March 23

What Should You Need to Know About Wart Removal Cream Before Get It?

Its important to do your research before you purchase a Wart Removal Cream. There are some factors that are more important than others. We think that Clinical Strength Somxl ® has focused on the most important aspects while trying to balance the costs involved to you. We wanted Somxl ® to be effective for removing genital warts. We wanted it it be safe so it can be used on sensitive skin areas. It needed to be cost effective so everyone could afford it and last but not least it needed to be private so you can treat yourself.

Obviously the first and most important factor of a Wart Removal Cream is “does it remove warts ? ” To achieve this we decided to design Somxl ® with two active ingredients that work together from opposite ends of the healing process.


One active ingredient, Salicylic acid destroys the wart infection and removes all traces of the warts while our second active ingredient Ozone floods the area with oxygen to create an environment to heal and regenerate the infected area and return it to the way it was. So together the active ingredients remove and heal.

Secondly we designed our Formula for wart removal to be safe to use in sensitive skin areas. We followed the guidelines set down by the FDA and we are certified as safe by them. As you understand a genital wart removal product is different from a “standard” wart product and that any removal of the warts not only needs to be effective but needs to safe in this area.

We also think that cost is important to you. We didn’t think there was much point creating a product that would remove the problem that was too expensive for anyone to purchase. The product needed to be affordable and effective. We are the manufacturer of Somxl ® and to keep the price at an affordable level we sell the treatment direct to you, without the mark-up of retailers.

Unfortunately Genital warts are embarrassing but we didn’t think treating them needed to be as well. We have FDA certification as an over the counter wart removal cream, which means you don’t have to have an embarrassing visit to your Doctor or a clinic to get a prescription to purchase our product. You can purchase Clinical Strength Somxl ® directly from us and we will send it to you discretely in a plain package so you will be able to treat yourself in private in your own home.

At Somxl ® we think we have a balance right, our treatment formula uses two active ingredients to remove the warts and then rejuvenate the skin so you are you again. We take safety very seriously and we are FDA certified safe. We sell directly to the customer to keep the price at an affordable level for you. Finally your problem will be taken care of in private at home when you purchase directly from us.

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