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What You Need to Know About Jewellery Repair in Sydney

Your jewellery has huge sentimental value, so it’s only natural you want it – and the memories associated with it – to last for decades. Jewellery repair makes that possible – but how do you know that a jewellery repair service is actually a GOOD jewellery repair service? Here’s what you should know about jewellery repair in Sydney before you entrust anyone to carry out any work.

Most jewellers offer a repair service, but not all of them carry out those repairs themselves. The jewellery is sent off-site to a third party, so you don’t have the peace of mind of dealing with the person who will actually do the repairs. On top of that, there’s that nagging doubt about security. Just how safe is your jewellery while it’s gone?  Is it insured? These worrying questions are not an issue if your jewellery is repaired on-site in safe, secure and insured premises – and repaired by the jeweller you dealt with in the first place. So, a good place to start when seeking out a quality jewellery repair service in Sydney is to ask – “Do you carry out repairs on-site?”

Jewellery Repair

What else should you look for? If you want a piece of jewellery to be repaired so you can show it off at a special occasion, timing is crucial. In fact, you want a quick turnaround regardless of the circumstances. This is another reason why sending jewellery off-site is not such a good idea. It’s a bit hard to expect a same-day service when your jewellery is being transported to another site! So ask about same-day repairs, or even a while-you-wait service.

Experience is another major factor as you make your choice. Someone who has made the same repair you require hundreds, if not thousands of times, will know what they’re doing. They’ll give you an obligation-free quote and an honest appraisal about what needs to be done to your jewellery, and follow that up by doing what they say they will. They’ll back that up with a warranty for their repairs – if a jeweller isn’t prepared to guarantee their work, then think again about using them.     

Affordability will always be a consideration. Not too cheap that the work is shoddy and second-rate. But not too expensive that you question whether it’s all worth it, and put off having the repairs done at all. It’s about finding a jeweller who offers value for money. In other words, a fair price for a job well done.

At the end of the day, it’s your jewellery. You have the right to be a little bit fussy! You’re allowed to ask questions, and just as entitled to feel comfortable with your final choice. Your jewellery is far too precious to leave in the hands of just anyone. Trust is a very important part of the equation. So when it comes to jewellery repair in Sydney, make the effort to find someone who shares your passion for jewellery, and who understands just how much it means to you.

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