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Why is it time to clean your sewer and drain pipes?

Drain Sewer RepairWhen we consider the sewer and drain pipe maintenance, then we need to be more cognizant of the truth that the regional differences will always have an effect on the frequency and type of needed services. If in your area a large part of housing was built many decades back, and with a significant portion of these houses having been built using clay, then this answers the question why it is time to clean your sewer and drain pipes? The materials used in building houses can have a present and past effect on homes. Clay is a wonderful medium but is normally prone to blockage by tree roots. Other pipe material are also prone to blockages due to grease, hair, or foreign objects, PVC and stainless steel are easily damaged by corrosive chemicals.

In most cases, sewer and drain pipes will become clogged naturally and therefore need regular maintenance every time. If you living in an older residence, then you will have to schedule appointments so that your sewer system is regularly checked.

If there are significant number of vacant buildings in your area, then you’re supposed to ensure that there is periodic maintenance, and regular camera inspection to ensure that there is no pre-existing problems before any other person can move in. Sludge is also a big problem even if the whole system is well cared for since the reason why we have the sewer system is for its removal.

The Consequences of not Cleaning Your Sewer System

We rarely think of cleaning the sewer system, but there are serious consequences of not doing so. The backup that results in an unattended sewer system may cause great financial problems as a result of damages caused by waste water. The raw sewage water is also unsanitary and can cause health problems if not well checked immediately. Apart from this, the backup waste water can cause structural damage that can result in costly repairs.

The Main Causes of Clogs

The major cause of sewer clogging is blockage by hair, grease, or sludge. The tree roots can also cause blockages at other times. Clogging may also be as a result of damage to the lines through shifting or corrosion. Either of these factors can have serious effects if not dealt with properly, therefore they have to be well accounted for.

Some of the Indicators of Clogging

The main indicators for clogging is a sluggish or slow drain. In most cases, blockages don’t allow water to drain with the normal speed. If you are used to the speed of the regular flow of your water, then you will easily notice the change. Another indicator is the Gurgling sounds that comes from the drain. If you experience a gurgle in one part of your house, then probably know that there is a problem to your sewer system. A clog in the main line will affect all other subsidiary lines.

Preventative Measures

The best way of preventing clogging is by avoiding to flush down questionable objects in your toilets and sinks. If you experience a clog, one simple fix is a procedure that uses a mechanical snake to run down through that particular line so as to break up the blockage.

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